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How to hang a fan.

I admit, I have a thing for collecting souvenirs. During my visit to Singapore , I purchased the large oriental fan at Mustafas. It’s a Huge shop spread over many floors and buildings. One can find anything there.

Though I purchased it, there was no way of hanging the fan without damaging  the fabric .. or is there?

There is!

I lay down the fan and spread it on the floor. I realized that the middle most point of the semicircular fan was in the fabric and not  a bamboo spine.

So, I took about 6 inches of ribbon and glued the two ends to two of the middle most bamboo supports using hot glue. I made sure that I left about 3 inches from the ends of the bamboo.
Ribbon hot glue

I then placed a chopstick over the ribbon and started looping the robbon around the chopstick.
Ribbon loop start

I continued to loop it till a small loop remained to hang the fan.

Fan looped ribbon

Thats it, The fan is ready to be displayed on the wall.


As  the chopstick is not stuck to the fan, it can be easily rolled up and stored away.
fan rolled

Have you hacked something like this before?
Do tell

Faux Washi tape

I love Washi tape. There are a plethora of designs and crafters across the globe seem to be smitten by the endless possibilities.  Unfortunately at a minimum of $3 a roll plus shipping to india, the cheapest washi tape in way too expensive for me. So me being me, i created mt own faux washi tape.

To create your own tape  you will need

  1. Double sided tape ( not one with foam )

Double sided tape.

  1. Fancy paper
  2. Patience ( moderate amount )

Start by measuring the width of the tape.  Place the tape on the paper and mark the width . Draw lines and cut the paper using scissors / Paper cutter or trimmer. I used a trimmer because i have one.

Cut the paper

Lay out a length of the tape on a flat surface, such that the sticky side faces you and the other sticky side with the protective sheet is on your surface.

Lay out the tape

Start at the loose end . Place the paper on the tape, a little by little and adhere the length of the paper to the tape.

Stick paper on tape
Stick the Paper

I perfered to have strips of 15-20 cms in length . If you like you may continue to keep unrolling the tape and adhering more paper.

Your tape is ready. Tear out a length, remove the protective paper and stick away.

The tape

The package

For experimentation i started with news paper, but then tried patterned origami paper as well as security envelopes.

Origami paper

Origami paper tape

Securiety envelope

Securiety envelope tape

Hand stamped paper

Hand printed tape

I Decorated my Daily “To-Do / Project” Book.

The Notebook

The spine has securiety paper and the other edge has tape made from origami paper and securiety envelope tape. The middle design is a freehand Henna Designs drawn with a black sharpie.

Hope you try this. Do let me know how it goes



Organize that Bling!

I really apologize for the month-long absence.

I have moved cities and am settling down. A lot of organization and decoration projects are going on simultaneously and with no computer access for 25 days.. meant no blogging . I have been taking pictures of the projects as they go on and will blog as they get  done.

Today i completed a really cool orgn project in a really quick time. I love my dangly earings and have loads of them. They were squished up and stored in a shoe box for the move . I don’t have a drawer to keep them but a very narrow shelf. Its only 10 inches deep and about 18 inches wide. This shelf is near the mirror (yet to be hung up) and has storage on the side.

I needed the solution for the varioys jewellery like

  1. Dangly earnings
  2. simple earings that are Non dangly
  3. Watches
  4. Bangles
  5. Scrunchies
  6. Clasps

I started out  with a Foam core board . It’s a Little tougher than a normal board.
DSC01244Foam core back

It was actually behind a group picture taken in my husbands old workplace. Since he was not in the picture, he gave it to me to craft with.
Foam core board

To make the Foam board pretty, I decided to cover it with fabric.

Fabric over board

The fabric is about 2 inched larger than the board on all sides.
Soak the fabric in liquid  fabric starch and cover the board . To remove excess water, I used a squeegee and left it out to dry for about 20-25 mins.










Leaving about an inch from the sides , I nailed down some cable clips . I started vertically on one side . The Horizontal gaps between the clips is also about an inch. I then replicated the same on the other edge.


To  hang my earnings i needed to thread through either wire or wool. I chose Wool because it was there. In retrospect , wire might have been more stable. I might swap it out later.

In order to determine the length of wool i started threading the clips starting from the top left, moving in a horizontal line to the clip at the right.


Next i moved vertically to the clip below and then moved left horizontally. I continued the same till i reached the last clip on the right hand side.


I cut three inches more than the  exact length.


Pull out the Wool. start again from the left hand corner but this time tie a knot with one end of the wool.


Loop on the right hand side and tie a knot to the clip, keeping the wool as taught as possible.


Continue the same path but with knotting the wool to the clamp at every stage.On the last Clamp, I double knotted the wool and cut the extra length off.  If using wire, A loop around the clamp should do.   Thats It. I could have decorated it a little bit more but that’s fine.

For the Non dangly earings, I sorted them out into Ice cube trays that stack on each other.

I had an old cutlery set that came with a stand to hand cutlery from. I use the cutlery , but did not like the stand so much for the cutlery. So I hung watches  from it. I also hung some of my favorite bangles

For the rest of the things like scrunchies, Clasps and Non Hang-able watches, i am using a velvet lined tray.

I had a piece of mirror that was perfect for that space. Its simply propped up against the back of the shelf

So what do you think of the space. Do let me know


My new bag

The past weekend , I stitched my self a bag. Its not any ‘ol bag. Its the bag of my dreams.

I’ve had this skirt for years. Having worn it only once. Its brand spanking new.

Thats me wearing the skirt in september of  ’05

There is no way, I will fit into that skirt in a hurry. So, i decided to make it into a bag.

Bag Closer

While at it, I also made an organizer for my bag


The Organizer attaches itself to the bag  by way of a detachable zipper.


Its perfect for my needs as it stores all that, I need to take with me.

Inside with Stuff

Now i will never have to turn my bag inside out for my keys as long as it is attached to this key hoder.
key ring



There is a place for everything and every thing has its place.


The stuff


What i love most, is that this bag can me made as versatile (by adding newer organizers) or as simple as i need!.

Here how it looks without the detachable organizer


Inside without the insert


To complete the look, i just used an old tie around the loops of the skirt.. err bag


Skirt bag

Do let me know what you guys think!


Paper Bag Catch All

Some Ideas are well thought out planned and some just pop out of no where. This is the latter.

I carry my own bags, but if the store offers a paper bag, I never refuse. I love to reuse paper bags and make something nice out of them, or use them to cover things. I cut out the base of a brown paper bag and used the remaining  to cover a box i was trying to make for my earrings ( that project bombed) .  Later when i picked up the fallen base to trash it, i realized, it was quite solid and, I could make a catch all with it!

Imagine having one while you travel.

So heres How to go  about it :

What you need :

Paper Bag any color. Coffee house take away bags work best.


Staples ( optional )

How To :

  1. Take a paper bag
  2. Humble Paper Bag

  3. Lay it down flat , with the base folder to one of the sides . the bags naturally fold down this way
  4. bAG FLAT

  5. Mark the edge of the base on the body of the bag with a pen or pencil.
  6. Bag draw line

  7. Fold back the base , such that both edges of the base are aligned
  8. 5593776965_ed1902dbb8_z

  9. Use a scissor and cut out the body of the Bag. The body of the bag can be used for anything else
  10. Bag cut

  11. Open the base and let it stand on a flat surface
  12. Bag Base and Other

  13. Start folding the walls of the cut bag inwards in half such that the cut edge meets the base of the Bag.
  14. bag folding

  15. Do this for all four sides. Secure with staples if needed.
  16. Bag fold 2

  17. Your catch all is ready! You can embellish it in any way you like.
  18. Bag Organizer
    Bag Brown

    This Catch all Folds down to take it while travelling as well. It is simple enough to make it while you travel.


UPCYCLING : FRAKTA bag into Laundry bag

I don’t have IKEA  in my country(not yet atleast), but when ever I travel to a country that does have an IKEA store, I never miss out an opportunity to visit one and snag some cool stuff. Since IKEA does not give away plastic bags (yay!) I have managed to get more than one FRAKTA bags to lug my cool picks back home.

Img : Ikea website

Normally,  I  use them to accumulate clothes that need to be sent to the guy who Irons our clothes.  I needed something  to collect the clothes (To be laundered) )that collect outside our attached master bath. I did consider buying something  new, but hubs suggested using some thing we already have, like one of the FRAKTA bags.

When we did start using the bag, It would collapse and not stand upright. I needed to some how make its stand erect.

So Hack It!

I started with a FRAKTA bag and flatted it to get the edge seams. Then, I stapled all four seams to make it stand erect.

Corner sharpness

I then folded the top lip back about 2 inches to make the rim more stable.
Laundry Bag

and it was done.


IC : The Fat Quarter

I had not heard of the fat quarter until last Thursday morning when i saw the latest IC challenge. What fun! Fat quarter is a material that measures 18″ X 22″ .

I spent the whole week thinking of what  I would make of a Fat quarter. Fat quarter.Fat quarter.Fat quarter.Fat quarter.

Just love saying it ;)

Any ways .. So today morning  cut my self … guess what? ..a Fat quarter and Eureka .. Idea!

I needed a kit to keep my make up stuff. so there it was ..” I’ll make a make up kit”!

It had to have place for the following


face wash



Lip balm

and spare earings

4 hrs of  non stop stitching and this is there it was!


A look inside.


I don’t have step by step tut yet. Would love some inputs on how to improve the design.



Recycle : Softener bottle to vase

Some time back we received a small bottle of comfort softener free with our washing machine soap. DSC00594 I had this bottle for a long time and was about to throw it away when inspiration struck.DSC00595

I just ripped the plasric cover to expose the white plastic . The shape was cute .DSC00596 I just poped in some flowers and lo behold
Its a cute vase!

The Love Challenge

The challenge #5 of the iron craft challenge is all about love and valentines day. I like valentines day… never really celebrate it, but its nice .

In an attempt to get into the V-day spirit, I came up with these bookmarks.

It’s very simple and you don’t need a lot of  equipment!

What you need :


  1. Cutting mat
  2. Scissors, Cutter
  3. Scraps of paper
  4. Glue
  5. Heart shaped punches in 2 sizes.
  6. glitter pens , sharpies etc

Making the various Heart shapes :

Heart windows


  1. Cut the  paper to about 1 inch wide. Start with the smaller Heart Punch  and punch out the shape.

  3. Next  take the bigger shape and place it on the work top with the underside of the punch on top. Thread the punched paper into the punch and adjust the paper such that the smaller heart is placed in the middle of the bigger punch.
  4. DSC00521

  5. With the palm your hand press the punch and you should get a heart shape with a heart-shaped window !

Inverted heart windows


  1. The process is the same as above only difference is when threading the paper in the big punch invert it, such that the hearts are in opposite directions.

Assembling the Bookmark :

  1. Start with a long strip of paper, preferably a thick card stock. If you can’t find thick card stock double the layers of paper
  2. Glue the hearts in the desired layouts.
  3. Embellish with sharpies or glitter pens
  4. I chose not to have ribbon on the bookmark.

    Do let me know what you think!


TUTORIAL : Recycle Old calender

My 2010 desk calender was a beautiful calender by Taj Group of hotels. It features two of its prized properties, The historic Taj Mahal Hotel and Towers in Mumbai and The Pierre in NYC.

It was full of amazing photographs of interiors and the exteriors of both these iconic properties . I did not have the heart to just throw it away , so i recycled it into Book marks



cam dump Jan 21


1) Decide on what picture you would like to recycle

2) Trim the dates etc. In this case all the details were in the sides , It was easy to trim the excess

3) You should have Just the picture

4) Flip it over





5)  & 6) Fold in half, such that it is split in two vertically. Use two sided tape or glue and adhere the two sides . Trim if  necessary

7)  &  8)  Punch in a hole and thread a String or ribbon to make a book mark.